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  How To Best Operate a Bed Bug Extermination Machine

Written on March 10, 2020   By   in Uncategorized

Being a simple device, a bed bug heater is pretty easier to control while carrying out a heat treatment process to get rid of bed bugs. However, larger devices may require extra precautions while installing. In order to eliminate most of the bed bugs in your house, primary cleaning is necessary before you turn on the heater. In this article, you will learn how to successfully operate a bed bug heater and achieve maximum cleanliness in your closets, beds and other forms of furniture. 

As said earlier, basic cleaning is necessary for maximum efficiency of the heat treatment. This includes sweeping the floor of every room to remove trash and fallen hairs of pets and vacuuming to remove dust. In addition, it is good

According to Ivy League Painting,to unpack all the belongings and detachable cupboards. Drawers should be thoroughly cleaned and pulled open together with the shelves. Closets should also be cleaned as well as the clothes in them and arranged for proper heat circulation.  

Fragile and heat vulnerable items should be removed from the room to be treated by heating. This also tugs along the highly flammable substances. Light or lose items such as papers, light packing bags, and posters are to be taken out and stored in a more stable place. Wall pictures should also be unhanged and laid in a clean place. Sofas and beds are next in line. Placing them at least half a foot from the walls is much safer. Pets like cats and dogs should be kept out of the room to be cleaned, together with the fish and plants. 

Blankets, bed sheets, loose chair covers, bed covers, and duvets should be thoroughly washed to remove eggs and remnant bed bugs. Visual inspection is done on the remaining laundry and curtains to pinpoint the latter pests. After all, preparations achieve a satisfactory level, the room is sealed, then windows closed and properly covered to minimize the draught effect. 

The following steps are then taken to  install and operate the bed bug heating machine: 

  1. Decide on the power source, which can be gas or electric power. 
  2. Remember to unplug other electronics, if your choice is electric power to save energy
  3. Plugin the heater and fan systems
  4. Carefully and completely plug in all the extension cords
  5. Switch on the entire machine
  6. Leave the machine for killing bed bugs running for at least six hours before shifting to another room. The heater raises the temperature to the desired level of between 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on its type. This temperature is enough to destroy the bed bugs.
  7. Repeat the basic steps as you maneuver to other rooms.

Once you are done with all the rooms, clean various parts of the equipment and perform a visual check.