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Uses of electric fences for farmers

An electric fence uses electric shocks to prevent animals and people from crossing a boundary. These electric fences are used for agricultural fencing for animal control and security purposes. 

Electric fences are cheaper and are convectional to use. While barbed wires may cause injuries to people and livestock, electrical fences have low voltage which can neither harm people nor animals. Another advantage of electric fences is that they are permanent and do not require regular replacements like some fences mostly the wooden types stockade from Fencefast

These fences are made of standard smooth or high-tensile wire or high-quality synthetic fencing. High-quality synthetic fencing is more visible compared to the high-tensile wire and is the most preferred for its visibility. 

Some people use electrical fencing agricultural to manage intensive grazing lands. These lands are used to confine animals in practices such as rotational grazing. The animals confined in an area mounted with this type of fencing learn the consequences of touching the fence and tend to avoid it. Some animals like sheep use their thick wooly coats as electrical insulation to go through these fences. 

You should however train your personnel and livestock on electric fences. This will help in minimizing the hazards that may arise from irresponsible handling of these fences. When installing the wires, you are however expected not to tighten them as they may break if they come into contact with a heavy body while may increase your operational costs. It is advisable not to run electric current on barbed wires or run electric wires in conjunction with barbed wires as barbed wires may cause more severe damages when one or an object is held by the spikes. The spikes of the barbed wire may restrict one to move or even cause bodily harm to an individual. 

The fences are also used to protect animals such as poultry from predators. The electrified high-tensile or synthetic fencing wires are installed on the outer side of a poultry house to prevent any access and attacks from predators.  

The fences are only operational when there is the availability of electric power. Power failure or shorting out of the conducting wires lenders the fence non-operational and non-effective. This can in turn cause the confined animals to flee or threaten the security of an agricultural farm. 

To ensure the fences operate normally always;  

  1. Ensure that there no trees or vegetation on the electric wire. 
  1.  Always check insulators to ensure they are of high quality. 
  1.  Ensure there is regular and enough power for the fence always.  
  1. Your fence must be of the desired length and height to ensure that there is maximum protection of your farm.  
  1. You should always use high-quality products on the fences to save you the costs of regularly replacing them.  

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